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Bonaj AB

Is the company with the complete solution. We are a steel and plastic component manufacturer that, through long experience, offers our customers fast and flexible lead times. We have a large warehaouse capacity that allows us to keep storage of our customers products at Bonaj. We can help you with everything from Idea-drawing-manufacturing / processing-packing-warehouse, further to customer. Our vision is to constantly strive for efficiency and improvement.

We follow the customer from idea to finished product. Together with Digital Mechanics in Västerås we can offer our customers detailed 3D models in plastic.

We can manufacture both plastic and metal products, this allows us to produce items such as cheese slicers, potato peelers, hunting knives and garlic presses. We have a total of 14 plastic injection molding machines. Our most recent one is a two-component injection molding machine that allows us to manufacture parts consisting of two types of plastic material.

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Our History

Bonaj AB is a family company founded in 1991 by Jan Rydén and Bo Wikström. Today Bonaj AB is run by the second and third generation CEO Åsa Rydén. We started with producing household products and gardening tools. Today, many years later, we have grown and broadened our production. We still manufacture gardening and household appliances, but also manufacture products for the construction industry that have customers throughout Europe. We have been expanding our warehouse for several years to provide our customers a more efficient distribution. With less intermediaries, we contribute to a better environment.

We strive for long-term relationships with our customers. We know from experience that early and close collaboration leads to more efficient manufacturing and productivity.